2023 The Blue Pub - Methven

A Mustang owners history lesson 101: The first Methven Hotel began operating on the corner of Main Street and Kilworth Street in 1880. The second Methven Hotel was erected on the same site in 1916 and today is known as the Blue Pub. (Click insert image to see larger historic image)

What a great day to go down in history for our Mustang Club, our first run on Pension day and Winter Allowance. So a record number of 72 members with fuel tanks and wallets full departed from West Melton and Southern members from Pleasant Point. A great mix of cars from Maree Shepherds 65, a couple of 69 fast backs seen in the carpark. Jeff and Karen Waghorn life members in their beautiful Mustang Fast back. The run was with out incident with a very small amount of road works. The Blue Pub did an excellent job of looking after us given that the numbers increased from our first booking of 50. A big thank you to Casey Crawford at the Blue Pub.

Cheers Peter and Pauline Watt

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