Life Members

Roll Call of CMOC Life Members   

2001 Barry Fairbrass 2021 Peter and Dallas Geddes
2001 Ray and Gail Spencer 2021 Forbes and Megan Gourlay
2009 Glen and Kathryn Martin 2021 Garry and Loretta Jackson
2018 Peter and Gaye Plumridge 2022 Tony and Sharyn Schreuder
2018 Dennis and Erica Phillips
2018 Jeff and Karen Waghorn
2019 Ashley and Sandy Smith
2020 Rob Donaldson and Shelley Williams
2020 John and Christine Quinn
2020 Rick and Andrea Paulsen

Congratulations - Barry Fairbrass (Inducted 2001)

Barry is our longest active member, having been instrumental in the establishing CMOC back in 1979. He has been an active member throughout this period of nearly 40 years, and has owned a series of always immaculate, classic Mustangs, including his latest “toy”, a superb track prepared Fox body that he races in the South Island Muscle Car series. Barry was also a key member of the convention committee for the 2014 50th Anniversary Convention run by CMOC.

Congratulations - Ray and Gail Spencer (Inducted 2001)

Ray and Gail joined the club not long after Barry, in the very early 1980’s. They have always been (and still are) very active participants in all the club’s activities, especially national conventions from Auckland to Invercargill. The impressive number of conventions that they have attended is only exceeded by the extent of their show awards and trophies. Ray is also a past President, and oversaw the occasion of the 2004 Convention here in Christchurch.

Congratulations - Glenn and Kathryn Martin (Inducted 2009)

Glenn and Kathryn are also long serving members, and similar to Ray and Gail, have regularly represented CMOC with distinction at national conventions across New Zealand with their show winning red ’65 Fastback, that still collects best paint awards nearly 20 years after restoration and tens of thousands of highway miles! Glenn and Kathryn are always friendly and welcoming faces for all other members, and a great helping hand for any panel and paint enquiry.

Congratulations - Peter and Gaye Plumridge (Inducted 2018)

Peter and Gaye’s membership also extends back to the 1980’s, and their superb black ’69 has been a feature at countless CMOC events and outings. They have served the club well with extensive time on the committee throughout the years, and notably their early initiative to energise the club with a regular newsletter, the forerunner to today’s Burble.

Congratulations - Dennis and Erica Philips (Inducted 2018)

Dennis and Erica will be well known to many if not most of our members, from their superb 1967 and 2012 Shelby’s, to Dennis’s motorsport enthusiasm and passion and his first hand work arranging the numerous occasions for CMOC members at Highlands Park in Cromwell and at Ruapuna. Dennis has also served on the CMOC committee at different time throughout his 35 or so years as an active member.

Congratulations - Jeff and Karen Waghorn (Inducted 2018)

Members since the early 2000’s, Jeff and Karen’s life member award is testimony to outstanding service to the club. After serving on the committee through the mid 2000’s, Jeff became President in 2009 and guided CMOC with wise and considered leadership through the growth and changing nature of the club with increasing number of late model imports, and a strong guiding hand on the very successful 2014 Convention planning.

Congratulations - Ashley and Sandy Smith (Inducted 2019)

At the CMOC AGM in May, we welcomed Ashley and Sandy Smith to our roll call of respected Life Members, recognising there continuous membership since the early 1980's and there track record of involvement in our clubs activities and regular appearances at National Mustang Conventions all over New Zealand. There convention experiences are legendary, fiercely competitive in terms of prize winning presentation yet super friendly with all there fellow Mustang friends.

Congratulations - Rob Donaldson and Shelley Williams, John and Christine Quinn, Rick and Andrea Paulsen. (Inducted 2020)

Life Membership awards have become a particular feature of recent AGM’s, and this year was no exception. Three long standing Committee members and office holders were inducted as life members for their combined 30 plus years’ contribution in serving roles across multiple positions including Vice President and Club Captain. Congratulations to (Left to Right in photo) Rob Donaldson and Shelley Williams; John and Christine Quinn; Rick and Andrea Paulsen; (Garry Jackson President).

Congratulations - Peter and Dallas Geddes (Inducted 2021)

Two new CMOC life members were inducted: Peter and Dallas Geddes (joined 1998, with both Peter and Dallas serving CMOC in numerous roles over many years).

Congratulations - Forbes and Megan Gourlay (Inducted 2021)

Two new CMOC life members were inducted: Forbes and Megan Gourlay (joined 1997, four terms as President), serving CMOC in numerous roles over many years).

Congratulations - Garry and Loretta Jackson (Inducted 2021)

In a surprise move, Club Captain Dennis O’Brien (on behalf of the Committee) presented life membership to President Garry and Loretta Jackson for Garry’s five year Presidency to date, and Convenor of the 2020 Convention.

Congratulations - Tony and Sharyn Schreuder (Inducted 2022)

CMOC’s life membership award was granted to Tony and Sharyn Schreuder, so well deserved after 23 years of membership, most of which has been spent as a Committee Member and other rolls within our club. Tony’s infectious enthusiasm with all CMOC members, and his willingness to take on organising tasks, are well known and were the driving factors behind
this award. Well done, Tony and Sharyn!

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