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Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey

Welcome to the New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs, and the release of the first-ever NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey 2023.

The Federation itself is the largest single player within our historic and classic vehicle community, with over 140 vehicle clubs, 140,000 members, and 45,000 historic and classic vehicles, together with very large membership from the motorhome and caravan sector. Our work is summarised in our statement, “Protecting our heritage into our future

Why is this NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey so important? It closely follows similar work undertaken in the UK, and in these times of change and challenge that face us all, the NZ Survey determines for the first time the social and economic footprint and impact of our collective passion for historic and classic vehicles, and the views of the New Zealand public at large.

The results and outcomes are very revealing, and perhaps, surprising!

There’s a great collection of material, insightful data and headline outcomes, never seen before in the “Vehicle Survey 2023” menu above. Please also note that this is the Federation’s Preliminary Report, with a wealth of further information planned to be available late October when the Final Report is published.

We know you will enjoy viewing the videos and reading the great news and insights gained so far from these preliminary results!

The NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs

The FOMC was founded in 1994 as a group of motoring enthusiasts interested in the preservation of their vehicles and the right to use them on public roads without undue restriction by regulatory authorities. The foundation meeting was attended by 31 clubs and has grown to 144 member clubs today, representing more than 142,000 members. The Federation is an incorporated Society with an Executive selected by postal ballot from member clubs and has the authority to co-opt technical personnel if required. All officers, except the Secretary, are unpaid and spend a great deal of time working for the benefit of member clubs.

The Federation is an umbrella organisation for clubs and does not accept individuals as members.

About the FoMC

We liaise with the Vintage Car Club of NZ & the NZ Automobile Association, and other industry groups. By working together we can make worthwhile recommendations to the rule makers and know that we have been heard. The more clubs that we represent means more notice will be taken of us.

The FOMC has garnered great respect in government circles over the years of its operation and has become a significant lobbying voice in government.

An alliance serving the needs of diverse motoring groups through active partnership.

If your club is a branch of a NZ wide organisation, please let us know as it is the National Body that should join the Federation. Normally our newsletter will go to the national headquarters where it can be distributed to the branches if required. Your club does not have to be part of national body to join the FOMC.

Please remember the bigger the voice that the Federation has, means that more notice is taken of us – and don’t forget we are working for your club. Remember one club cannot be effective alone in this arena. An alliance can best serve such needs for diverse motoring groups. The FOMC is that alliance.

The Preliminary Results

The NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs is proud to announce the preliminary results of the New Zealand Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey (NZHCVS).

This is the largest project the NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs Inc. has undertaken in its 29-year history and it is a first for New Zealand!

The following links will give you access all supporting materials, which we encourage everyone to watch, read, enjoy and share:

The results will inform all future negotiations with Government and its related agencies with evidence-based data.  It will also benefit the commercial sector.

This will protect our heritage into the future.

We also encourage you to share this news with fellow historic and classic vehicle enthusiasts who may not be a member of the NZ FoMC.  We also urge you to share this with your family and friends, especially through social media, as we all know the power of this communications channel nowadays.

As new results become available, they will be posted here (along with a new email to all member clubs).  Feel free to add this link into your social media post:

We are currently targeting the final report to be available late October.

For communications relating to the survey, please contact us via the Online Form.

Here are some photos of Garry Jackson, President NZ FoMC you may want to include in your newsletter/magazine.

Introduction video by Garry Jackson, President (2 mins)

New Zealand Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey Preliminary Report - September 2023

NZ Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey 2023: Q&A’s

The New Zealand Historic and Classic Vehicle Survey 2023


Click this link for the Executive Summary

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I urge all members of New Zealands' historic, classic vehicle, motorhome, caravan and motorcycle community to collectively support the New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs significant lobbying voice in government. Without FoMC's involvement, motoring clubs and in general the motor industry may face a very restrictve future.

FoMC's work is summarised in their statement, “Protecting our heritage into our future“.

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