Ford National Mustang Convention 2020 is on!

29 Jun

After overcoming lockdown issues, associated venue changes, and other uncertainties,  the Canterbury Mustang Owners Club is delighted to announce that the Ford National Mustang Convention2020 will go ahead at Labour Weekend (October 23-26) in Christchurch, with a full schedule of functions and events.

From the public perspective, the highlight will be the Grand Mustang Show at Horncastle Arena on Saturday, October 24, where over 200 (or more) Mustangs from all over New Zealand will be displayed. This will be a great opportunity for the people of Christchurch and Canterbury to get out and enjoy what will be one of the big events kicking off the spring carnival season in Christchurch.

“ We are really positive about this Convention in many different ways” says Garry Jackson, President of CMOC, the organising club. “We are already holding over 180 pre-registrations with some dating back to late January, and we take confidence from the fact there have only been three withdrawals despite the lockdown and other issues. Who knows, we may even match the largest ever number of 225 Mustangs we had in 2014, when we hosted the 50th anniversary convention! The other important feature is the large contingent of North Island Mustang owners coming south. Our Convention fits perfectly into the strategy of boosting NZ’s domestic tourism, and we’re working hard to ensure that the Mustang Convention is a major contributor for local business in every way we can.”

Encouragingly, the Mustang Convention has a strong group of valued sponsors, all of whom have maintained their commitment to this great event despite the challenges all around. This support is vital for the Convention’s success, and it’s ability to contribute to the wider business community and as an occasion of the general public.

Garry Jackson sums up the Ford national Mustang Convention 2020 in this way; “One of the great things that all Mustang owners experience is the reaction of others to this iconic brand. We call it “smiles on faces”, and we can’t think of a better theme for getting an many people as possible together at  one of NZ’s biggest ever classic car events, and having fun. Roll on Labour weekend!”

Full details of the Ford National Mustang Convention 2020 are available on the CMOC website

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