60th Anniversary - World Mustang Day 17th April 2024

17 Apr

World Mustang Day 17th April, 2024

Ford Mustang Day, observed on April 17, is special to all automobile enthusiasts as it celebrates the most successful sports car. Yes, we are talking about the classic Ford Mustang. Powered by a robust engine and luring car lovers with its sleek design, this Pony car is one of a kind. Ever since the car turned 50, the idea of fans and Mustang owners getting out on the streets to demonstrate their love for this vehicle has become a global phenomenon. Every year, Mustang lovers participate in club activities and attend demonstrative rallies to observe this day.

History of Ford Mustang Day

Ford Mustang Day marks the anniversary of the Mustang’s introduction to the world at the New York World Fair in 1964. There are many reasons why the Mustang has a legendary reputation. Its surprise appearance in the best cinema car chase of all time alongside Steve McQueen continues to be the crowning moment for this stallion. Interestingly, the name “Mustang” was not the first choice. The design and marketing teams battled around various other potential names like Cougar, Torino, Stiletto, Panther, Comet, and many more. Ford’s executive stylist, John Najjar, suggested the name “Mustang” after the P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane used in World War II. Most of his team members did not approve of his idea. Eventually, they decided to drop the P-51 and stick with Mustang in tribute to a particular breed of horse.

Although it is still not certain whether the car is named after a horse, its unique horse logo testifies to the fact. The logo led to the creation of a new motoring category altogether — “The Pony Club.” There have been several transformations and remodeling that went into the Pony machine since its arrival. The Pony is currently running its sixth generation. This consistent production is no less than a feat. The only time Ford discontinued a model was the convertible in 1973. But it did make a comeback ten years later, in 1983. The brand never fails to set and break its records.

In 2007, Ford came up with another new edition known as “Warriors in Pink.” It featured pink interior stitching and pink rocker tape striping in alliance with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. So far, the company has raised $120 million to support this cause and provide aid to the victims. Is that not a commendable move?


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